Methodology Seminar Series: Statistics with Stata

  • Date March 5-7, 2018
  • Room GSSI Room C
  • Speaker Özge Öner (Jönköping International Business School)
  • Area Social Sciences


The course is designed to introduce the basic concepts, theories, and methods in statistics and econometrics simultaneously. It is an applied course that aims at familiarising the students with the statistical software Stata, which they will learn to use to organise data, as well as perform descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to address various questions in social sciences in general, and urban studies in particular. The course consists of three parts. The first part introduces the basic concepts in Statistics and the difference between statistics and econometrics. Students are then introduced basic tools in Stata that can be used to manage data and produce graphics. The second part of the course covers methodology in econometrics, linear regression basics, and quantile regression. The third and final part of the course introduces count model basics and panel data basics. Between the second and third part of the course, the students are assigned with mini-assignments by which they will practice their recent knowledge and skills.