Startupper, Scientist or both? How to build an out-of-the-box career with your PhD

  • Date February 16, 2017
  • Hour 5.30 pm
  • Room GSSI Main Lecture Hall
  • Speaker Giuseppe Morlino (Snapback)
  • Area Social Sciences


What are the differences from being a researcher and an entrepreneur? Are these necessary, useful, meaningful? Observing and, even better, experiencing the relationship between science and entrepreneurship sheds lights on the great value, for oneself and the society, that can be generated from moving back and forth from one to another. For sure this is not easy, due to different mindsets and game rules, but bridging the gap between these two worlds can help you to build an original, exciting, and self-motivating career. Taking inspirations from one co-founder of the hi-tech startup Snapback, also Ph.D. in computer science, we will discuss benefits and drawbacks of some possible transition between science and entrepreneurship, firstly from doing a Ph.D. to startup a company. We will talk about how the ‘hard’ skills acquired by doing research, e.g. the scientific method, can be of great help in facing the ‘hard’ rules of the market. We will also debate how some other skills, e.g. the rigorous scientific approach, need to be moderated to survive the harsh, fuzzy, and not-disciplinary business world and how to handle unframed issues, like forming a team, finding a fit between product and market, looking for and talking to clients and investors. We will also converse about how the skills developed in running a company can substantially help the scientific research such as communication, pitching, resource-based planning and execution.