Physics research at GSSI

The research and PhD in physics at the GSSI is focused on astroparticle physics. Astroparticle physics is an interdisciplinary and young research field, grown at the intersection of particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics and cosmology. It addresses some of the most pressing and fundamental questions in science today: the origin and the evolution of our universe, the nature of dark matter and dark energy, the study of neutrinos and of the ultimate constituents of matter, the search for gravitational waves, the investigation and explanation of the cosmic rays.

These scientific topics concern directly the researches and the experiments conducted by INFN in Italy and abroad.

In particular, the proximity of the GSSI with the LNGS (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso), the largest underground laboratory in the world with its wide international community of scientists, offers a very special opportunity of work and collaboration for PhD students and researchers. 


Reseach lines

  • Neutrino Physics: nature, mass, oscillation
  • Dark Matter
  • Nuclear Astrophysics
  • High Energy Astrophysics
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Multi-messenger Astrophysics
  • Physics beyond the Standard Model