BLASI Pasquale

I am mainly interested in the investigation of the processes that may be responsible for the energization of particles to their non-thermal energies in astrophysical environments and for the propagation of such particles in the interstellar and intergalactic medium. These topics are central to our understanding of the origin of Cosmic Rays both in our Galaxy and in extragalactic sources and are crucial in order to interpret the wealth of data from radio to gamma rays that are becoming available in recent years. I have been investing much effort in the development of a non-linear theory of diffusive particle acceleration at shocks in supernova remnants and in general in the non-linear effects that are involved in the interaction of cosmic rays with the plasmas in which these particles are energized or in which they propagate. Throughout the years I have also aimed my research activity to the non-thermal phenomena that arise during the formation of the large scale structure of the Universe and to the study of non-thermal radiation from the annihilation of non-baryonic dark matter.

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