Doctoral programme

This doctoral program focuses on key topics related to urban and regional systems. To cover the wide array of topics in each area different teaching tools are used, spanning from traditional courses - to introduce more basic concepts - to research and policy seminars to get a glimpse of more specific and advanced issues. Training and mentoring sessions are also an integral part of the program. These sessions are run by the members of the teaching committee, but also by world-renowned scholars and leading experts visiting the GSSI from all over the world (including the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Sweden and Israel).

The methodological perspective, both in research and teaching, is trans-disciplinary. By providing resources and an instrumental relational context, the Ph.D. program fosters research projects and learning paths that cut across individual disciplines. Daily collaboration and interaction among students with different backgrounds is pivotal in building a sound knowledge and enhancing their understanding of relevant issues in urban studies and regional science, such as economic, social and spatial dynamics of cities, urban governance, urban policies, local and regional development, the role of knowledge, innovation and creativity, migration dynamics, location analysis, social inclusion, diversity in public and private spaces, informality.

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