Doctoral Programme

The PhD curriculum in Mathematics of Natural, Social and Life Sciences at Gran Sasso Science Institute will lead the students to deal not only with the more traditional aspects of this discipline, such as Pure Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, but also with entirely new problems, requiring the development of the most appropriate tools to deal with the complexity, such as stochastic analysis and computational mathematics.

The curriculum consists of 3 years of study and research. During the first year, after initial training classes, students will be offered three main courses and a wide number of short courses, covering a large spectrum of topics. By the beginning of the second year students select a research project under the supervision of one (or more) of the mathematicians affiliated to GSSI.


Governing Board

Paolo Antonelli (GSSI), Piermarco Cannarsa (Università Roma TorVergata), Gianluca Crippa (Universität Basel), Camillo De Lellis (Universität Zürich), Nicola Guglielmi (GSSI - Università L'Aquila), Pierangelo Marcati (Chair,  GSSI), Errico Presutti (GSSI), Gigliola Staffilani (MIT), Angelo Vulpiani (Sapienza Università di Roma) 

Past Committee (2013-2016)

Paolo Antonelli (GSSI), Stefano Bianchini (SISSA), Gianni Dal Maso (SISSA), Camillo De Lellis (Universität Zürich), Antonio De Simone (SISSA), Pierangelo Marcati (Chair, University of L'Aquila and GSSI), Errico Presutti (GSSI), Gigliola Staffilani (MIT)